It all starts with an idea, what if we could get people, companies and charities to come together and have everyone benefit.

We can!!

Every time we decide to buy something we are rewarding that company that we buy from.  We are saying we like your product, we like your marketing, we like the way you do things.  We may not be aware of it but it happens every time we buy something, we are saying we approve of you.  Companies are aware of this and go to great lengths to get us to choose them over their competitors.

We’ve seen boycotts work but what if we could make the opposite work, where we reward companies for doing good things, like supporting the causes that we care about.

We can!!

Every time you buy their service they are rewarded with a sale.  And all they had to do was team up with Robin Hood.

You benefit by getting a great deal on services that you already are paying for and also the great thought knowing you are helping out your favourite charity simply by paying your standard bills.

Your favourite charity benefits from receiving the commission earned.

And the companies involved benefit by getting more sales and at the same time knowing they are helping some great causes.

Pressed the “like” button yet?  Let’s get this rolling….