So you’re thinking about “liking” our page and wondering how this helps, how does this make a difference?

By liking our page, you are liking our idea.  The more people who like our idea the easier it is for us to get companies on board.

Once a company is on board, you will have the option to purchase their product/service. They will then pay Robin Hood Foundation a commission for each new customer who signs up through us.

With the commission we will forward 80% to the charity of your choice, the remaining 20% is used to keep Robin Hood going.

Why would you do this?

You’re already paying for these services, why not take the time to raise some funds for your favourite charity.  Come on you know you want to be one of the good ones!!


Want to find out more

Companies sell their services through two main ways, directly and indirectly.  Direct is straight forward, you see their advertisement or hear about them.  You jump on their website or phone them up and buy their service.

Indirect is where a third party such as independent retailers, comparison sites, out-sourced sales channels (ever been called on the phone while eating dinner?) and other third parties who are authorised to sell their services, get you to buy through them.

Now the great aspect about the indirect channel is that these companies will pay a commission for every new customer who signs up and buys a service from them.  And these commissions add up!!

Every time you choose an electricity company, or an insurance company or virtually any service, then there is an opportunity to earn commission.

Now back to “liking” us.  To become a reseller you need to bring in new customers.  By having a large number of followers it becomes a great way to convince companies to get involved!

The more likes we have the more companies we can convince to jump on board.  This means more options for you and more chances to raise funds for your favourite charity.

So go ahead, press the “Like” button, we know you want to.

If you have any other questions about Robin Hood Foundation, we’d be happy to help. Just get in touch through our simple contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.